Terrorism defeated: writ of Parliament now throughout Sri Lanka - President

Govt. not for military solution...emphasis on restoring rights and dignity of Tamil people'
The Motherland has been completely freed from the clutches of separatist terrorism. From now on it is only the laws enacted by this sovereign Parliament that will be in force in every inch of Sri Lanka, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his ceremonial address declaring open the 4th Session of the current Parliament today (May 19).

At this victorious moment, it is necessary for us to state with great responsibility that we do not accept a military solution as the final solution...the responsibility that we accept after freeing the Tamil people from the LTTE is a responsibility that no government in the history of Sri Lanka has accepted, the President said.

It is necessary that we give these [Tamil] people the freedoms that are the right of people in all other parts of the country. Similarly, it is necessary that he political solutions they need should be brought closer to them faster than any country or government in the world would bring. However, it cannot be an imported solution. It is necessary that we find a solution that is our very own. It should be a solution acceptable to all sections of the people, he said.

Having defeated the most ruthless terrorists of the world, we now have another powerful challenge, the President said. It is the task of restoring the rights and dignity of the Tamil people destroyed by the LTTE.

'It is the LTTE that has put the Tamil community to their lowest position in history. Those who raised their voices for the protection of terrorists, and all those who helped the terrorists should now fall at the feet of these Tamil mothers and seek their pardon. Those who live abroad and supported the terrorists with funds, if they have any love for their own people, should leave no room for terrorism again, President Rajapaksa said.

'As we have been victorious in the battle to defeat terrorism, we should also take to the required successful end the struggle to build our land. It is necessary for us to take the required clear decisions for this. We must now be ready to direct our motherland to that new era of national revival,' President said, adding that the great battle for national revival will be waged with the aim of raising the lives of the Tamil people who live in the North and East of our land, too'

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